Maintaining a Safe and Caring Online Community

Thanks for taking the time to view our Community Guidelines!  The Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Community of Practice is a dynamic group of students, staff, faculty, administrators, government and community partners.  It is our goal to make the online platform a safe and welcoming place for all registered members of the community. And when you register to join, you will commit to creating a safe space as well.

We encourage you to get actively involved in the online platform by sharing resources you think others might find useful, posing questions that you are currently grappling with, adding upcoming events you’d like to invite members to, or forming a group to share ideas or start initiatives on a specific topic or theme, or teaming up with other members to pool resources for ongoing projects.  Take this opportunity to connect with other members in the online community, optimize the ability for innovation and knowledge exchange, and collaborate together.

The information you share in the online platform is accessible to/available for viewing by other registered members within the site unless you select “private.”  In order to access or download any resources, users must create a profile and be approved by the Community Manager.  Please do not post anything online that is sensitive in nature as we are trying to build a safe, caring and productive online community.  Administrators monitor the online community and will immediately remove any content that is deemed inappropriate.

To maintain a safe and useful space for all community members, content including (but not limited to) the following will be removed:

  • Private or personal information published without consent (do not share any identifiable client information or personal health information)
  • Commercial product promotions
  • Content that is illegal, demeaning, derogatory, obscene, explicit or racist
  • Content that is disrespectful, harmful or unproductive to the community  
  • Personal attacks, threats or insults
  • Irrelevant comments or content posted in incorrect locations 

By registering and participating in the online community, you agree to abide by all of the specified community guidelines.  Should it be deemed necessary, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses reserves the right to revoke access to any user without notice.  If you feel a community member has violated these terms, please immediately send the Community Manager an immediate/urgent message detailing the specified concern.

Thank you for your commitment to creating a safe space for all community members.  Don’t forget – you can always invite other campus professionals or interested organizational partners who may also be interested in promoting mental health on campus into the platform.  Together, we are better!